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  • Generate Proxies

    Generate unlimited proxies

    You can create as many residential proxies as you like through our dashboard. You can choose target servers and location to improve your speeds and better your chances of copping.

  • Generate Proxies

    10 GBP/S servers

    Our servers are hosted on high-quality 10 GBPS servers to make sure your data reaches the target as quick as possible.

  • Generate Proxies

    Instant delivery

    All our residential proxies are instantly delivered via your purchase e-mail so you can purchase quickly before a drop and still be set.

  • Generate Proxies

    Discord 1:1 support

    To have the best customer satisfaction you'll receive 1 on 1 support on our discord server if you ever have any problems our questions.

  • Generate Proxies

    Blazing fast

    Our datacenter proxies are some of the fastest on the market, hitting up to 20-30 ms of ping depending on the site you intend to use them on.

  • Generate Proxies

    99.9% Uptime

    We make sure sure our servers are always up and running you won't miss any shock drops or restocks. Always be prepared.


Get answers to frequently asked questions.

  • What is the difference between datacenter (DC) and residential proxies?

    Residential DC

    Residential proxies are proxies from actual home internet customers like you and me. Be it AT&T, Comcast or Telekom, all residential proxies are 100% real home-IP's that are not prone to be flagged for any bot protection. Datacenter proxies on the other hand are IP's hosted in Datacenter locations, which means they will be much quicker and have a lower ping. The downside is that these can be flagged with improper usage.

  • On which sites do your datacenter proxies work?


    We have special packages that all support a variety of websites. Proxies for websites with no/weak bot-protection will generally be cheaper than proxies that work on Cloudflare or Akamai websites.

  • How long do your datacenter proxies stay active?


    You can choose packages of daily, weekly or monthly proxies depending on your usecase. There will be times where you only need the proxies for a single release so don't waste money buying them for a larger timespan. Meanwhile monthly proxies make sure you always have some high-quality proxies ready for any kind of shock-drop or restock.

  • How long do your residential proxies stay active?


    Our residential proxies stay active until you have used up all your purchased bandwith. There is no maximum timeframe in which you'll have to use up your plan, so stay relaxed and always have them ready.

  • Can I top up my existing residential plan if I run out of data?


    You will always be able to top up your plans, even while a release is happening. Bandwith is added instantly on purchase just like new plans will be instantly delivered.

  • What location of datacenter proxies do you offer?


    Since we focus on the EU market a large share of our proxies is hosted in european cities like London, Amsterdam or Frankfurt. If you have a request for a special location simply open a ticket in our discord and we will try our best to satisfy your needs.